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At first I didn’t know if this website was legitimate or not therefore I ordered a LOW amount $$$ at first to test them out!
Turns out they ARE!!! Have been ordering from them since 2018!
Best Carts / Weed/ Edibles!



Best Prices, Awesome Product . Highly Recommended


Great service from forgotten item

My package was missing some shatter I had ordered but there was a free Xmas joint so I did’nt really mind. They rang me 30 mins later and dropped off my shatter with no worries. Really nice of them.


Fair prices and good service

Every order I’ve had with budcity express has been delivered quickly, save one where the guy called me and apologized before scheduling a delivery the next morning. The point system is great incentive if you regularly but weed, and a nice bonus once in a while if you don’t. Overall one of the best delivery services in the city, always right on time. Even the AAA strains have been surprisingly good, and the Quad A and concentrates have been really nice. Thanks budcity!

Ben Adam

Excellent Service and products!

Discovered these guys almost 2 months ago and have ordered numerous times. Great prices and fairly speedy as well. Pretty much always been within the 2 hour window they give. The AAAA and AAAA+ strains I’ve ordered have been awesome along with the shatter, rosin and other products I’ve ordered. As a 32 year daily cannabis user I am very pleased with this service and happily give them a 5 star review.

John T

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