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Platinum Cake

Cake is meant to be shared and then eaten.  Platinum Cake is meant to be shared and then smoked.  This indica dominated hybrid hits all the right targets for that perfect evening smoke.  A cross between the one and only Platinum OG and it’s creamy counterpart, Cookies.  An explosion of wonderful flavours and scents are born!

The densely filled nuggets of Platinum Cake exude the pungently earthy, and woody aroma that one would expect to find in a typical kush strain.  The only difference with this sweet treat is the addition of a dark and creamy flavour profile, which contributes to an entirely new, welcoming angle.  Splattered shades of greens ranging from lime to army, stand out in between the specks of mango orange coloured hairs.

Platinum Cake is as strong as it sounds.  The 25% in THC levels set the stage for an enjoyable physical outing.   It may be a bit harsh but the strain’s effects start relatively quickly.  Starting off with a head high, and coasting into a pleasant heaviness that spreads throughout the whole body.  Finishing off the experience is a sense of focus where the user may feel quite in tuned with their surroundings.  Now that sounds like fun!  Patients will look to Platinum Cake as a source for relief from moderate stress and anxiety, depression, as well as a lack of focus.

Flavours: Earthy, Woody, Creamy

Effects: Euphoria, Relaxed, Hunger, Focus

Medical: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Headaches

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